This is a quiet bay in the Grenada Marine Park sheltered from the majority of the weather which makes it a favorite site for snorkeling and diving alike. The boat moors in the shallow area in the middle of the bay and the divers and snorkelers can swim off to explore the reef around its edge, which extends out to sea for 250m to a maximum depth of 45m. This means that a round trip back to the boat starts in 5m goes as deep as you wish by diving along the reef at your chosen depth and then back along the top at 12m and then shallower as you swim back into the bay and to the moorings of the Grenada Marine Protected Area.

Divers who enjoy looking for small creatures such as sea horses, arrow crabs, flamingo tongues etc, will love this dive. But we regularly see some bigger stuff as well. Barracudas, Southern Stingrays, turtles and horse eye jacks are regular guests here. Flamingo Bay is one of the top ten diving sites in Grenada and is regularly visited by all dive shops because of the quantity and diversity of marine life.

On the way out, in 20m – 24m depth just off the reef a large shoal of southern sennetes are very often found circling and flashing silver as the sunlight reflects off there bodies. The reef is abundant in fish, coral and sponges and inspires many who dive it as their first experience of scuba diving. Beginner or experienced diver, this site is enjoyed by both.

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