Six miles south of the southern most tip of Grenada this is our most challenging and our most rewarding dive site. She is the wreck of a mine sweeper, which was converted to a cargo vessel later in life, and which was carrying a cargo of cement when she sank.

The odd bag still litters the bottom although it’s well past its sell by date! She is a favorite of all Grenada dive shops even though diving her is very tricky. She sits on her side in 37m of water and is approx. 200 foot long. She’s home to a multitude of life, especially the larger sort. Although the hull and the holds remain intact the plates from the bridge have fallen away giving this part of the ship a skeletal type appearance.

Diving in and out of both holds, you may meet nurse sharks, black tip reef sharks or large turtles. Large barracudas cruise the top of the shipwreck and you are diving definitely on their territory! The mixture of depth and current make this a challenging dive, since even at slack water, quite often some current is still present, so this is not a dive for the faint hearted. ScubaTech Dive Center Grenada highly recommends diving this wreck on Nitrox!

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