Even tough the dive spot is called “Red Reef” there is no more red than in any other reef. The name actually originates from one of it’s landmarks, all the Grenada dive centers us, to find it – a red roof! This dive site is located on the southern side of Grenada, just one mile out of Prickly Bay and about two miles from ScubaTech Dive Center Grenada.

It is chracterized by its for Grenada rather atypical reef structure. The main reef is surrounded by numerous smaller pinnacles, seperated by sandy areas. These sandy areas are favored spots for huge Southern Stingrays and it’s very common to count somewhere between five and twenty of them on a single dive. Even though Red Reef is a dive site in the Atlantic, it’s by far not as exposed to currents as other spots in Grenada and therefor a perfect place for nursesharks to find shelter.

It descends to a maximum depth of 22m, the reef top lays between 12m and 16m. The reef top has many smaller sandy areas which seem to be very inviting to large Southern Stingrays who hang out there all the time. Apart from big lobsters, tutles are spotted moray eels frequently and a permanent resident here is a three legged turtle, often found diving around the edges of Red Reef.

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