This is a small wreck laying 1.5 miles south of the island in the rougher and more tidal waters of the Atlantic. She was carrying a cargo of whiskey and cigarettes when she sank in rough seas.

The nature of her cargo, the survival of all her crew, and the mis-reporting of the final position of the shipwreck leaves the cynical thinking “sank or scuppered?”. She now sits upright on the seabed with a slight list to starboard. It’s locally known as “shark wreck”. “Ho Hum” I hear you sigh! No really! The wreck itself can be swum around in a couple of minutes.

Counting the number of nurse sharks using it as a daytime resting-place can take a bit longer. Stingrays and atlantic spadefish are also common visitors, while eagle rays are always a possibility. This is many peoples favorite dive on Grenada.

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