Well every dive destination has one! Although the name is not original, the Grenada dive site is something different from our other reef dives. This is a shallow reef on the Atlantic side of Grenada and can be a very invigorating drift.

The shoulder of the reef which slopes from 12m to 20m is the best part to dive, were you can explore the nooks and crannies (as much as the current will let you), for lobsters, morays, crabs and small nurse sharks (hence the name).

As the current takes you shoals of grunts, mahogany snapper and goatfish will pass you by. If you are lucky a nurse shark may be out and about rather than hiding in a hole, but you are more likely to see one of the turtles, which sleep and feed on the reef quite regularly. Shark Reef is an all time favorite of all Grenada dive resorts and we consider it as our “house reef” because of the proximity to our dive shop.

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