The Northend of Grenada impresses by the chrystal clear waters. There’re fabulous dive sites with pristine reefs like Diamond Rock, The Sisters, Face Of The Devil and London Bridge. Many, many dive sites are still waiting to be discovered. Trips to the Northend are for multiple reasons always special excursions:

We’re leaving at 7.30am and the 2 hours boat ride from Prickly Bay up the West Coast of Grenada is simply amazing. Getting into the sea at Diamond Rock and just putting the face in the water is breathtaking, visibility seems to be endless the reef untouched. After the first dive we use the surface interval to determine a spot on one of the gorgeous lonely beaches of L’île De Ronde for our beach BBQ after the second dive which is always part of our trip. Once the spot is prepared we’re off for our second dive at one of the Sisters. After this dive we return to our previously chosen place where a local fisherman already prepared fish or lobster, caught just hours ago. We hang out here for about 2 1/2 hours, enjoy food and drinks, swimming, snorkeling, wandering along the lonely beach and most of the times we pick a few coconuts of the palm trees. Time for the third dive – we either go to the other Sister or Face Of The Devil, the nice thing being that it doesn’t really matter, as all dives are beautiful around here.

After the last dive we head back to the Dive Center, it goes without saying that we have organized a cooler with soft drinks and beers for the 2 hours cruise and usually we dip into Prickly Bay just with sunset – a perfect day.

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