ScubaTech is your official PADI and TDI Dive Center in Grenada. Close your eyes and think of the nicest Caribbean beach you can imagine. That's where we are! The Dive Shop is located on the white sandy beach of the Calabash Hotel surrounded by palm trees in the beautiful and sheltered Prickly Bay.

Dive Sites


Grenada is a diver's paradise and has some of the very best reef and wreck dives in the Eastern Caribbean. With more than 30 dive sites there is a great variety of recreational and technical diving, endless possibilities for novice and experienced divers.
Dive Sites

Wreck of The Bianca C

The Bianca C, otherwise known as the “Titanic of the Caribbean”, was a 600 foot 22000 ton cruise liner owned by the Italian Costa Line which sank in 1961 off the coast of Grenada. An explosion in the engine room, which took two lives (the only casualties of the sinking), led to a fire which spread throughout the Bianca C and which burned so fiercely that the hull glowed red and the sea around the cruise ship boiled! All passengers and crew were evacuated and taken to safety by a flotilla of small craft and looked after by the local people. A thank you for their bravery and generosity is still evident today in the statue of the Christ of the Deep with… Read More

Fishermen's Paradise

This dive site is located just off Point Saline where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean. Due to its unique location, currents frequently are very strong around this rather small reef. However, the strong currents attract an extraordinary quantity of fish and make this dive clearly one of the top dives in Grenada.

Usually you'll be surrounded by hundreds of chubs and the topography of the reef supplies many overhangs, ledges and tiny little caves for big nurse sharks to hang out. On a regular basis we see eagle rays, southern stingrays and turtles, lobsters and moray eels are spottet on nearly every single dive.
The reef itself drops down from 7m to abo… Read More

Flamingo Bay

This is a quiet bay in the Grenada Marine Park sheltered from the majority of the weather which makes it a favorite site for snorkeling and diving alike. The boat moors in the shallow area in the middle of the bay and the divers and snorkelers can swim off to explore the reef around its edge, which extends out to sea for 250m to a maximum depth of 45m. This means that a round trip back to the boat starts in 5m goes as deep as you wish by diving along the reef at your chosen depth and then back along the top at 12m and then shallower as you swim back into the bay and to the moorings of the Grenada Marine Protected Area.

Divers who enjoy looking for sma… Read More

Hema 1

Built in 1963, the Hema 1 is a 170 feet / 50m freighter which was on its way back from Grenada to Trinidad. In rough seas the ship started to take on water and as the bilge pump wasn’t working properly the Captain couldn’t make it back to the protected harbor of Grenada. The Hema 1 sank on the 5th of March 2005, approximately 4 miles off the south coast of Grenada and in consequence straight out of Prickly Bay.

Grenada’s coast guard managed to rescue all crew members. Today the ship wreck lies 100 feet / 30m bellow the water on its starboard side. Due to its location in the Atlantic the Hema 1 is exposed to strong currents, which makes diving a real c… Read More

King Mitch

Six miles south of the southern most tip of Grenada this is our most challenging and our most rewarding dive site. She is the wreck of a mine sweeper, which was converted to a cargo vessel later in life, and which was carrying a cargo of cement when she sank. The odd bag still litters the bottom although it's well past its sell by date! She is a favorite of all Grenada dive shops even though diving her is very tricky. She sits on her side in 37m of water and is approx. 200 foot long. She's home to a multitude of life, especially the larger sort. Although the hull and the holds remain intact the plates from the bridge have fallen away giving this part… Read More

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