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Have a look at Grenada from the sea, sightseeing in a little different way. The beautiful coastline of Grenada is certainly worth to be discovered. We’re offering different trips to different destinations.

A wonderful 1 ½ hours sightseeing trip along the south coast of Grenada. The trip brings you to Mount Hartman Bay with Secret harbour marina, around Hog Island, into Woburn bay with a glance at the private island called Calivigny Island. A great way to discover the south coast with the mangroves as well as the Atlantic coast.

Come and discover the sting rays from Glover Island with us. A short boat trip of around 15 minutes away from Prickly Bay, this inhabited island has a rich under water life. An easy snorkelling trip for everybody from 2pm to 3.30pm twice a week.

Discover the first of kind underwater Sculpture Park from the famous artist Jason Taylor McCaire. Combined with Flamingo Bay, the most beautiful snorkelling reef in Grenada, located in the Marine Protected area, this is a snorkelling experience not to miss.

½ day trip from 9am to around 1.30pm.

You’re looking for the extraordinary, a surprise or the perfect last evening of your holidays? You’ll be cruising along the coastline before we’ll be stopping at Glovers Island, where you can lean back and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Is there anything nicer than enjoying a sunset out at the sea with a glass of champagne? Pure romantic. A breath taking trip for young and old, for lovers and families – and who knows, maybe you’ll belong to the few who have ever seen a „green flash“…

The trip starts 1 ½ hour before sunsets and end when you decide to go back.

15 minutes for US$ 55.00/person

15 minutes for US$ 55.00

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Depending on the number of tanks and persons diving, prices will vary. Check out our packages for both Dive Excursions & Technical Excursions
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